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Sergei Kotlov
Sergei Kotlov Founder

Zapier Integration

Back in March, we announced our plans to make Workshop Butler more open for integrations. We believe it will lead to more automated workflows and a considerably smaller amount of hours spent on managing workshops and trainers. And integration with Zapier was at the top of the list. Though trainers could send attendees, workshops and evaluations via Zapier to thousands of services for more than two years, training companies and certification bodies lacked this option.

Your visitors do not know what you sell

Last week I promised to start a mini-course on how to make a professional training website. This video is the first one. In it, I analyse why many of your visitors do not know what you sell and give some advice for fixing it. In the video, I mention a document with learning materials. For your comfort, find the link below. Lesson 1. Your visitors do not know what you sell

Buddy CRM for Certification Bodies

Today I’m going to present you our packaged solution for certification bodies and brands. In the last few months, we had been making many small internal improvements to make the process of onboarding and overall account management easier for our team. The goal was to automate and simplify as many steps as possible. I also spent a considerable amount of time on clarifying our message and the value we bring to clients.

The future of Workshop Butler. Part 2

Last week I shared our vision and purpose. Today I want to talk about the path we will follow in 2019 to make our dreams come true. Workshop Butler helps training businesses to free themselves from administrative routine. It does it through automation and collaboration. These two themes define most of the new features we plan to deliver this year. Let’s take a look. Collaboration Last year we finalised the concept of account.

The future of Workshop Butler. Part 1

Workshop Butler started several years ago as an internal project of Management 3.0 team to help it managing facilitators and workshops on a bigger scale than the then-current tool could allow. Through the years, it proved to be a reliable service helping other certification bodies like Lean Change Management to start and grow without worrying much about technical infrastructure. As I kept working on the product (it called Teller that time), I realised it has a much bigger potential.

Flexible Configuration of Certificates

Certificates are de-facto standard in today’s professional education. Though many trainers and facilitators have a strong opinion against an existing system, as it has its obvious flaws, most students expect to receive a certificate after course. At least as proof of their attendance. As a result, any certification brand or body needs to invest some time and money into this area, from the design of certificates to the logistic of delivering certificates to students.

Website Integration Update: Mobile Themes, Flexible Configuration and More

Since launching new website integration plugins several months ago, we received very positive feedback from many customers. Jason Little of Lean Change Management brand said: Not having to write my own JavaScript integrations helped a lot, especially because more facilitators were added, more courses were added, so the sorting and the filtering and the updated pages for workshops and facilitators which helped to promote them, saved me a lot of time.

Website Integration 2.0

From the very beginning, we knew that a good website integration could enormously help training businesses to automate the process of workshop administration. However, the first version of our integration widgets was not a big success. Instead of looking at the customers’ needs, we concentrated on our ideas and created a piece of excellent working software rarely used. Today we are introducing the next generation of our widgets for website integration.

Automated Email Messages

Communication with attendees via email is an integral part of any workshop. Giving your students a warm welcome right after the registration removes the fear that the registration has not happened, and helps to establish a rapport from the very beginning. Sending a reminder one or two days before the event shows participants you care about them. Asking people for feedback on their experience creates opportunities for professional growth and marketing.

Collecting GDPR-compliant consent

The GDPR takes seriously how you collect consents to process personal data of EU citizens. The participation in a workshop gives you a legal right to work with a personal data of the attendee. However, there are more: for example, you must collect separate consents for processing personal data and subscribing to a newsletter an attendee can request anytime to review what consents were given, and how they were collected.

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