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Buddy CRM for Certification Bodies

Today I’m going to present you our packaged solution for certification bodies and brands. In the last few months, we had been making many small internal improvements to make the process of onboarding and overall account management easier for our team. The goal was to automate and simplify as many steps as possible. I also spent a considerable amount of time on clarifying our message and the value we bring to clients.

Getting Bums On Seats

You’ve reached the point in your journey where your knowledge brand is happily scaling to success. Your personal brand is growing through keynotes, books, podcasts and more. All that hard work is bringing licensed trainers to the brand: this awesome group of people who love what you do enough to want to be part of its growth. Taking it to new regions, new heights; ultimately growing it on a global level.

The simple way to manage multiple workshops under one brand

Last week we featured how to launch a licensed trainer program to scale your certification brand. As this element of your scaling strategy develops and more trainers sign-up, you’ll need a robust and dynamic channel through which to sell and manage multiple events across different regions. Even before you’ve handed out your first certificate, you should have planned the way you are going to manage event promotion, bookings and contact.

The Business of Scaling a Knowledge Brand

In the second part of this series we start to delve much deeper into the business of scaling a knowledge brand. What strategies should you have in place to bring other trainers into the business and grow the brand horizontally? What tools do you need to build a successful community, and what channels should you be using to market your licensed events? Today we’re focusing on the business model. Discussing how to create a licensed trainer business model, certification models and charging for events.

How To Stand Out. Not Blend In.

Once you’ve figured out your niche, or the unique perspective you’re going to put on your workshops and training courses, you need to start working on how you’re going to to stand out from the competition. As a coach the best way to do that is to own your topic. Your content should be inspirational. Your workshops motivational. Nobody captures an audience by blending in. How you choose to stand out will depend on your niche or unique perspective.

4 Steps to Attract Ideal Customers & Keep Them Happy!

In the Workshop Butler How to Scale Your Knowledge Brand series we are covering all the angles on how to get started with the launch of a training or coaching company. Erik Kerr, founder of The Draw Shop, defined marketing as: What you say, and… Who you say it to And this week we’re touching on that very topic: who is your ideal customer and what are you going to say to them once you’ve found them.

3 Expert Tips To Successfully Scale Your Knowledge Brand

An interview with Jurgen Appelo There is an art to scaling a knowledge brand and some of our Workshop Butler community are prolific artists. In this series we are sharing insider intelligence on how to successfully scale a training brand from some of the people who have scaled their brands on a global level. We’ve touched on scaling vertically and horizontally. We’ve established that influential thought leaders continuously develop their brand strategy through events and great content — shared frequently and from a unique perspective.

Bring on the Brand

The benefits of horizontal scaling Last week we touched on developing your personal brand and vertical scaling. Going up in the world is great, but sustaining a growing knowledge business as a solopreneur can be extremely demanding, and the point will come when you physically and mentally can’t grow anymore without help. You can only do one training course at a time; or undertake one keynote, and what about all of the enquiries you have from companies all over the world, interested in having you impart your knowledge to their employees?

Scaling UP your Certification Brand

Planning the future of your business can sometimes be a ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’ moment. So caught up are you with the day-to-day organisation and running of training courses that you don’t have time to develop a scaling plan. One thing is perfectly clear. Successful scaling encompasses a mixture of vertical and horizontal initiatives. Scaling upwards and outwards builds a more robust brand. In our previous article we touched on options for scaling your knowledge brand.

Commodifying your Certification Brand

You have knowledge that deserves to be shared. Companies around the world could benefit from your insight into improved work practices and performance. So you decide to impart that knowledge by developing a training brand. You start off local, but with great ambitions to reach workers and managers around the world, and heck, why not start a global movement? Depending on your field of influence and peer community you might already have a wider reach.

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