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Category: Vision

The future of Workshop Butler. Part 2

Last week I shared our vision and purpose. Today I want to talk about the path we will follow in 2019 to make our dreams come true. Workshop Butler helps training businesses to free themselves from administrative routine. It does it through automation and collaboration. These two themes define most of the new features we plan to deliver this year. Let’s take a look. Collaboration Last year we finalised the concept of account.

The future of Workshop Butler. Part 1

Workshop Butler started several years ago as an internal project of Management 3.0 team to help it managing facilitators and workshops on a bigger scale than the then-current tool could allow. Through the years, it proved to be a reliable service helping other certification bodies like Lean Change Management to start and grow without worrying much about technical infrastructure. As I kept working on the product (it called Teller that time), I realised it has a much bigger potential.

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